Gift a Face Mask to A Nonprofit In Need!

Last week, we got a call from friend and girlboss, Heather Mackenzie who purchased 75 RoHo masks and GIFTED them to first responders in need of PPE equipment at Bellevue Hospital in New York City.

We were thrilled and inspired by Heather’s generosity in supporting our artisans maintain food security AND those on the front lines.

 And that got us thinking… are others looking to help in a similar way?

 For those of you looking for a meaningful way to make a difference at this time, please consider gifting a face mask(s) to our following partners:


Support Doctors & Nurses

We’ve partnered with MD Anderson Cancer Center (part of Cooper University Hospital) in Camden, New Jersey who is desperately in need of 4,000 cloth masks for their non-critical care staff. They are working hard to retain their surgical and N95 masks for critical care staff and also their cancer patients.


Support the Homeless

 We’ve partnered with Doctors Without Walls, an organization that provides support and healthcare services to people experiencing homelessness in Santa Barbara County. Masks and other essential items will be distributed to protect this vulnerable population.


Support the Food Bank

 We’ve partnered with Second Harvest Food Bank in New Orleans, an area heavily impacted by COVID-19 to distribute masks to soup kitchen and pantry volunteer staff who lack proper equipment while distributing food aid.

Donors will receive an email acknowledgement when their masks are shipped.

Thank you for your continued support and purchases! Each mask sold provides 25 meals for our vulnerable artisans and their families.