How To Beautifully Hang A Basket, Everytime

Baskets (like our favorite Binga Baskets) are stunning pieces of wall decor that challenge the traditional look of flat paintings and pictures. Add some dimension and uniqueness to your living space with our handmade baskets!

And hanging them can be a breeze, if you use our tips & tricks:

Supplies needed

  • Scissors
  • Multi-Purpose/Fishing Line (approx. 5-6 in.)
  • A simple nail or hook
  • Needle (optional)

Step 1: Locate the approximate center of your basket. This is where your basket will hang on the wall.

Step 2: Using the multi-purpose line (and needle if needed), push one end of the line from the front to the back. Do the same with the other end, leaving both ends of the line coming out of the back of the basket.

Step 3: Using the two ends of the multi-purpose line, tie a loop & trim the excess as needed. 

RoHo - Handmade Binga Baskets

Now your baskets are ready to hang! Hang the loop on a hook or nail and create dynamic, asymmetric basket collections on your walls.