How To Hang Your Juju Hats Perfectly Every Time

Our homes are a reflection of our taste and vision. Juju hats are a stylish and unique piece of décor with an interesting background.

ROHo Goods Juju Hats on a wall

Juju hats are creative displays of feathers of significant cultural importance in Cameroon. The Bamileke people began creating Juju hats as symbols of prosperity, commonly worn by royal dancers during tribal celebrations. The Bamileke take great pride in these hats and have passed on the artisanal skills from generation to generation.


RoHo Juju Hats on a bedroom  wall


Hanging Instructions:

We suggest hanging your Juju hat on a wall in order to respect its historical significance. 

The Juju hats are very carefully packaged in order to maintain the integrity of the feathers. 

  1. Cut the clear plastic tape and gently unwind the twine that is wrapped around the outside of the hat
  2. At the back base of the juju, find the loop located in the center
  3. Gently press the loop inwards until it pops into place. Note that Some juju hats are woven more tightly than others - this pop may or may not be noticeable.  You'll know your juju is fully open when the center of the hat is even, and the feathers don't lean one way or the other
  4. Once your juju hat is open, it will need to have its outer edges straightened out and made even. Gently use your fingers to reposition the feather bundles on the outer edges, and finger comb the interior feathers until they are even and in place. For particularly troublesome areas, like the outer edges, you can use a blow dryer on cool to fluff them up.
  5. Hang your hat using the loop located on the back support rim
  6. Enjoy their beauty!