Meet Our Artisans!

Who Made My Clothes?

Curious about the stories behind our artisans? We love to share who they are and where they came from! We've selected 5 for you today, although will expand on our list through future blog posts!




Jacqueline is one of our most talented Master Beaders.

Jacqueline left her education in secondary school and was working as a vegetable vendor in the local market. That is until she heard about Lydia's workshop from a neighbor four years ago.

She speaks Lua, Swahili and some English and has three children. Her three year old, Stanley, keeps her especially busy. 


An Artisan holding up two pairs of shoes he made

Hasan constructs all our shoes! As the workshop clown, we wish we could get some peace from all his jokes (kidding)!

Hasan is able to construction about 40 shoes per day after the leather and rubber soles are cut and the beads are perfected.

He's originally from Tanzania and jokes how Kenyan Swahili is much less proper than Tanzanian.


RoHo - A Kenyan woman smiling against a blue door

Esther is an impertative Beader in the workshop. She loves making the Maua style, and it's one of her specialties because she's quicker than everyone else!

Esther is 35 years and has three girls ages 4, 9 and 15. She has dreams of sending their girls to university to study medicine, math and engineering. 


RoHo - An Artisan holding a belt he made in Kenya

Paul is one of our Master Beaders who LOVES colorful creations.

He came to Lydia’s workshop from the north where his two brothers and five sisters still live. Paul moved to coastal Kenya for more opportunities.

Paul has a girlfriend that he hopes to marry. He would like to have children who are educated and have professional careers.


RoHo - An artisan in Kenya cutting out rubber for sandals


John is a Master Cutter who hand cuts the leather and rubber that goes into all sandals, but especially the Rafiki Red style. 

He is 33 years old and has three children ages 6, 15 and 19 years old. His wife is a tailor. 


Have we mentioned we love our artisans?