RoHo Plans for 2020

RoHo Plans for 2020

New Year, New Updates!

We've been hard at work planning for 2020. How do we increase our impact? How do we share RoHo with a larger audience? What kind of products should we introduce into our line in 2020? 

And then we got thinking. Why don't we share our goals with you this year? Research has shown that sharing goals with a higher up (aka our customers) does more than keep someone accountable, it also makes a person more motivated. Simply put, we care what you think about us, and are committed to doing right by you and our artisans. 

So here's our list:

* Launch the RoHo Foundation to increase our impact

* Meet new needs of our RoHo artisans

* Launch a new jewelry line and other new fabulous products

* Create opportunities for artisan and consumer to meet face to face

* Find ways to repurpose RoHo products that have been well used and loved

We're excited to say that we've already begun planning for a number of new initiatives! But please continue to hold us accountable as we move to be as mission-driven and purposeful as possible. We could not do it without all of you. We have HUGE plans for this company, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.



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