Styling Your Tsavo Tote or Crossbody

Accessories are as unique as human beings. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors, textures and patterns, which can make it difficult to match with the rest of your closet staples at times. We want to help you find the best way to accessorize your most functional and fashionable piece of all: your Tsavo Tote or cowhide crossbody.

Totes are usually bigger and more eye catching than other types of bags. This means you need a well-balanced outfit to avoid the bag standing out too much or too little. Take our Tsavo Tote for example:

RoHo - Tan & White Cowhide Tsavo Tote

The size of the bags themselves and the added boldness of the cowhide patterns make them a stunning statement piece. And you may be asking yourself: Do I incorporate more cowhide in my outfit to match? Should I use contrasting colors or shades to make it pop? 

Here are some great example outfits to make sure your Tsavo Tote or crossbody is a complimentary accessory that doesn’t fade into the background. 


RoHo - Basic Outfit for Tsavo Tote

You can never go wrong with a white shirt and blue jeans. By using these basic and universal colors and textures, you can make sure your cowhide tote stands out. For some extra bling add some gold jewelry; this will complement the warm tones of the hide bags.

This minimalistic outfit doesn’t have to be limited; a white shirt can mean a button up blouse or a t-shirt. Blue jeans can mean dark wash skinny jeans or light wash mom jeans. Allow yourself to be creative.



 RoHo - Basic Outfit for Tsavo Crossbody

The cowhide bags themselves create an earthy, rustic, and environmental feel, and you can add to that by pairing your tote with more nature-oriented clothing. This can mean taking advantage of a more natural color palette: incorporating browns, creams, greens, and oranges can successfully compliment the cowhide. 

Ultimately there is so much room for personal creativity. You can choose to either use our cowhide tote to make a statement or make an aesthetic. That is the beauty of fashion and accessories: they’re limitless.