Thoughts From Amy Ma, RoHo Intern

Here at RoHo, our core values of economic empowerment and ethical trade drive our business and our relationship with our artisans. Caleigh Hernandez, RoHo’s founder, frequently visits our artisans in Kenya to ask them what is the best way we can support them, and it was refreshing for me to hear that she was willing to listen and serve their needs.

At first the idea was to start a vocational school for men and women to learn leather craftsmanship and beading. This would have created a perfect cycle of education streamlined into the RoHo artisan team, but Lydia, one of our wonderful artisans, had her understand that that type of education was unnecessary because it could be taught in other ways, so Caleigh decided to invest in the artisan's children's education. 

Our artisans showed us that the most impactful way to empower them is to invest in them as people rather than planting our interest into their communities. Although the vocational school would provide jobs and education, the most important things for their growth is to grow independently without other interests or influences. 

It feels good to give back, and you shouldn't stop! Our power to change lives is immense, but we should be making the right kind of impact. With the right investment, we can change their lives. 

Investing in impoverished and underprivileged communities is one of the ways RoHo gives back. By providing support so our artisans’ children can have the opportunity of a comprehensive education, they can then find jobs and economically grow their communities. This gives them the agency to choose their own life path and expands their opportunities. Having the ability to choose your own path is a privilege and a strength we all deserve. Our company is only one way to empower them, so don't stop giving back however you can.