Who Inspires Us - Instagrammers

At RoHo, we’re doing our part to change the way we think about fashion, from sourcing, to increasing transparency of who makes our products, to expectations of corporate social responsibility to shifting mindsets about our products from disposable to things that are meant to last.

We want to make ethical fashion the norm, not a fad.

And as followers of RoHo, we expect you feel the same way. So we thought we’d share with you some of our favorite Instagram accounts. Women who are making waves and helping us be more intentional, authentic and inspired consumers.

Check them out and spread the word about ethical fashion!


RoHo - Fashion Influencer Conscious Cat

@Consciousnchic - Kat

Since 2009, Kat has been sharing her knowledge and experience on how to live a more stylish and conscious lifestyle firsthand.

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RoHo - Fashion Influencer Shannon Doots

@Shannydoots - Shannon

Chicago-based Shannon showcases size-inclusive ways to wear sustainable and minimalist fashion. 

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RoHo - Fashion Influencer Candice Mtay

@CandiceMtay - Candice

Toronto-based, Candice is dedicated to living and learning about sustainable lifestyles and involving her followers in the dialogue. 

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