#WhoMakesMyList Shop Local Campaign

Hey everyone, this is Caleigh Hernandez founder of RoHo, but I’m here speaking to you as a consumer and business owner today. I’ve seen a number of beloved local businesses who have been institutions in our community struggle and close as a result of COVID. These locally-owned businesses are the lifeblood of our town. To me, they're what make Santa Barbara, well, Santa Barbara.

RoHo Supporting Small Business

Rather than feeling like I could have done more to support some of our favorite businesses who are potentially not making it through this difficult time, I have committed to take action. 

 I created a list of businesses that I have committed to support once a month for the foreseeable future.


My list:

-Loquita Restaurant

-Bossies Kitchen

-Pura Luna Women’s Apothecary

-Sun & Swell Foods

-Estetica Mia


To me, these businesses are what makes Santa Barbara, home. They're women-owned and powered and making powerful improvements in our community. 

And I’d like to challenge you all to make lists as well. Supporting a business once a month doesn’t mean you have to spend money if that’s not feasible right now. It could mean following them on social media and engaging with their posts, writing a review and sharing them with friends and family.

RoHo Goods Support Small Business


Who makes your list? I challenge you all to decide and post publicly, tagging your committed small businesses.


-Caleigh Hernandez

RoHo Founder