Why We're All About Handmade

Here at RoHo we are proud to partner with artisans in Kenya to create our beautiful products. Everything from our beaded slides to our cowhide totes are handmade by our artisans. In addition to honoring age old crafts and highlighting artistry, our RoHo products have other benefits as well.

Originality and Quality

Each of RoHo’s products are crafted by skilled artisans, and although we create similar styles and materials, each individual piece has a personal touch. Whether it’s a minor scratch in the leather or dent in the stitching, every piece is unique, personal and brings its own character to its owner. Our products are also made using hand-picked and consciously sourced materials. This attention to detail cannot be replicated with mass manufactured goods.


RoHo products are made using human hands and small scale machines - not factory manufacturing processes. By conserving energy and reducing the use and creation of chemicals, fossil fuels, and waste, we create an eco-friendly and sustainable production process. 

Artisan Support: The RoHo Goal

RoHo - Our Impact With Goods that Do Good

Our mission here at RoHo is to help provide livable wages to our artisans and provide educational opportunities for their children. By supporting RoHo and purchasing our products you are also supporting our sending 18 children to quality local schools and beyond. Thank you for your support!