Why We're Going Black on BFCM

Why We're Going Black on BFCM

At RoHo we’ve talked and talked and talked some more about what our holiday strategy should be. But the more we got to talking, the more we had a stark realization.

By offering huge discounts, who are we really discounting?

Our 400 artisans and their families

 These discounts are awesome for our consumers yes, but they discount the people handcrafting our beautiful products. When our margins as a social business are slim to none, it means we don’t have as many opportunities to host training sessions with our artisans and to support scholarships to send our artisans’ children to quality schools.

 So this week, instead of telling you what you should buy, we thought we’d quit BFCM and share a bit more about who we are and why we’re so passionate about the incredible people making our products. Products so amazing, steep discounts aren’t necessary

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