RoHo - Beaded Leather Sandals in Pink, Silver & Blue

How Our Sandals Are Made

Our collection of beaded women's shoes from Kenya are unique, beautiful and lovingly handmade by 42 artisans. But what does that process look like?...

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RoHo - Models with Tsavo Tote in Grey and Crossbody Cowhide Purse

Why We're All About Handmade

Everything from our beaded slides to our cowhide totes are handmade by our artisans. In addition to honoring age old crafts and highlighting artist...

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RoHo - Maasai Artisans Handcrafting Beaded Jewelry

The Maasai Culture

Here at RoHo we’re honored to partner with a Fair Trade group of Maasai women who handcraft our beautiful jewelry collection. There is a strong his...

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RoHo - Maasai Woman Artisan Beading

Symbolism of Maasai Jewelry

Recently RoHo added Fair Trade Maasai jewelry to our collection, which has really resonated with our customers! In addition to it being beautiful, ...

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RoHo - Artisans In Kenya Who Make Ethical Products

RoHo & Our Artisan Updates

We're offering an update on the food security situation in Kenya, our food insecure artisans and how COVID has affected our workshops. If you need ...

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