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Our Story

Meet our Artisans

Coastal Kenya

Who: 42 artisans - 36 women, 6 men

Our artisans are paid 50% higher than the industry standard and we are currently providing 16 education grants to send our artisans' children to quality local schools. We also ensure 100% of our artisans are above 18 years old.

Meet Our Artisans

Nairobi, Kenya

Who: 40 Artisans - 20 Women & 20 Men

Made by artisans in Nairobi, Kenya, the workshop is partially female-owned and employs approximately 40 artisans who are paid fairly and in accordance with Fair Trade practices. Leather is sourced exclusively within Kenya from five tanneries. All tanneries are government approved.

Meet Our Artisans

Amboseli, Kenya

Who: 280+ Women Artisans

RoHo has partnered with a women's cooperative in the south of Kenya, dedicated to empowering the Maasai community of Esiteti by selling their traditional beadwork.

This project created income for over 280 Maasai women, creating the means for them to care for themselves, their families and their community while creating educational opportunities for their children and future generations.

We seek to empower this community through economic initiatives and access to education and healthcare. By providing an international market for the Maasai women of this community, RoHo strives to unleash the power of these women decreasing cases of early marriage, HIV/AIDs and FGM, while creating greater access to education for girls throughout Maasailand. 

Your purchase helps create a sustainable livelihood for this tribal community, send girls to local vocational schools and share in the beauty of the Maasai people.

Meet Our Artisans

Nairobi, Kenya

RoHo has partnered with a workshop of 20+ artisans based in Nairobi, Kenya to handcraft their mule line. This artisan group, consisting of 50% men and women, pays its artisans in accordance with Fair Trade practices.

With a focus on sustainability we're sourcing the finest materials from ethical factories, ensuring we're doing right by people and the planet.

Meet Our Artisans

Nairobi, Kenya & Kampala, Uganda

Who: 40+ Artisans - all women

RoHo has partnered with Amani Ya Juu & Girl Up Uganda for its tailoring.

Amani is a Fair Trade sewing and reconciliation program for marginalized women in Africa. Women from many African nations and cultures, primarily those who are survivors of conflict, earn sustainable incomes and opportunities to transcend cultural and ethnic differences.

Girl Up Initiative Uganda works with girls and young women through transformative leadership, sexual and reproductive health education, and skills development. We've partnered with their Mazuri Designs Hub, a social enterprise that provides vocational and entrepreneurial training for vulnerable young women.

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