How to Be An Inclusive, Ethical Consumer

We’ve all begun to notice it. Millennials and older generations alike are demanding transparency from brands. It’s AMAZING and everyone at RoHo is thrilled to be part of the movement. But I keep coming back to this question of how to make ethical fashion more inclusive for all consumers. When I’m going on ethical fashion blogs and shopping around in local boutiques for socially conscious or sustainable items, I’ve found I can drop a pretty penny far too quickly.
I’ll be the first to admit that it’s cheaper to purchase something from a fast fashion source. How can a socially conscious brand compete with a $10 t-shirt? We just can’t. But how then do we include our friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances who may have a more limited budget in the socially conscious movement? Are we being too exclusive? How do we make impactful fashion affordable to everyone?
I’d suggest we start out by taking the ego and judgement out of purchasing decisions. We can’t assume that everyone will prioritize purchasing from ethical brands. We all have our own personal financial situations and truths, which lead to different priorities. For someone struggling to put food on the table, purchasing t-shirts made made from organic cotton at twice the cost may not be feasible. We have to understand that not everyone can make the same financial decisions and there can’t be judgement in that. Absolutely educate people about the benefits of using ethical products, but do it without ego. We don’t know someone else’s story. Acknowledge that being an ethical or conscious consumer is a privilege, not necessary an expectation.

I’d also like to advocate for patience on behalf of those who find ethical clothing options out of their price range. Making significant changes throughout the fashion industry is tough, but as we all start to adopt more ethical practices, ethical options will become cheaper! For those of you who are looking for more affordable socially conscious options, I’d suggest EcoCult’s blog about affordable ethical fashion.
The ethical fashion industry is far from perfect, but we are working to make this a movement for every consumer in every walk of life. And all of us should foster a sense of community and inclusivity in something in order to mitigate feelings of elitism. We can do this by encouraging people to adopt ethical practices that suit to their lifestyles. AND working with ethical brands to create more affordable items. We’re all in this together :)
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