“RoHo” in Swahili means spirit and kindness and that inspires everything we do.  

RoHo Artisans and founder, Caleigh Hernandez, creating new beaded leather sandal styles

We are committed to producing exceptional, ethically made goods; to honoring the craftsmanship and quality of life of our artisans; and to creating the kind of pieces that our customers love to own and are proud to wear. 

From hand-beaded sandals to our signature cowhide bags and custom home goods, we offer beautiful, high-quality pieces that empower people through dignified work. 


It all started when RoHo founder Caleigh Hernandez fell in love with a pair of beaded leather sandals in a craft market in East Africa. That one pair of shoes inspired a year-long quest to source the best quality sandals in the area and then find a way to bring them to a global marketplace.

RoHo Goods - artisans producing Globally minded Fair Trade goods

 After months of searching, she landed in coastal Kenya and met Lydia and her 42 remarkable artisans. While Caleighs Swahili and Lydias English werent perfect, they found a common language in their love for hand-beaded shoes and together developed a vision for RoHo. The longer Caleigh spent with the artisans in their community, the greater her motivation to make a lasting change in the lives of these talented people and bring their exceptional craftsmanship to a wider audience.

RoHo Goods - Artisans who handcraft products from Kenya

 Since then RoHo has continued to grow, and now works with four artisan groups across Kenya while expanding online and into independent stores across the country. Just like Caleigh, first our customers fall in love with the goods and then with how they are made and who they are made by. We invite you to learn more about our artisans