What Inspires Us & An Exciting Announcement!

We have a NEW JEWELRY LINE launching early next month on International Women's Day (sneak peek if you make it through this post)! As we prepare for its launch, we thought we'd reflect on why we do what we do. 

Because to us, sandals are more than just pretty shoes and a piece of jewelry is more than just a beautiful accessory. There's an art behind our products and a mission to make the world a better place. 


Sometimes the most rudimentary tools construct the most beautiful creations 

"​The first time I met the artisans at the workshop and watched the incredible amount of work that goes into making each shoe, I was dumbstruck. It can take a woman half a day to bead a single pair of sandals. And the men I saw were hand cutting, dying and tooling each shoe to perfection. On top of that, the tools they use are incredibly simple. A piece of art can so skillfully be created by many talented hands and a bit of time" - RoHo Founder, Caleigh 



As we share RoHo with the world, our impact expands too

Here are 3 of our current sponsored students: Vanessa, Lavina & Angel. 

They are three of the reasons we do what we do. The longer our artisans work with us, the more of their children we send to quality schools.



There's heart and soul behind our products. We love what we do and are honored to share it.

And! If you made it this far - hopefully this picture will give you a tiny hint into the jewelry we have in store for you. Stay tuned for March 8th!