A handmade White single strand beaded necklace, jewelry from Kenya
Handmade beaded single strand necklaces in white, metallic and gold
Kenyan jewelry, a handmade White single strand beaded necklace
Several handmade  white beaded single strand necklaces with gold and grey accents
One single strand beaded gold necklace with white and black accents handmade Kenyan jewelry
One handmade gold single strand beaded necklace on a model
Several unique gold beaded single strand necklaces on a model
Handmade metallic silver beaded necklace
Fair Trade metallic single strand necklace on a model
Several unique and meaningful metallic single strand beaded necklaces on a model
Several pieces of Fair Trade Kenyan jewelry on a model. Multiple single strand beaded necklaces in white, gold and metallic silver with accents
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Amboseli Single Strand

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Compliment any outfit with an Amboseli Single Strand. These beaded strands' delicate accents add just enough sparkle to top off any outfit. Each piece is unique and a work of art.

Approximately 28 inches long

These pieces have been handmade by 275 Maasai women living at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Your purchase helps create a sustainable livelihood for this tribal community, send girls to local vocational schools and share in the beauty of the Maasai people.