How to Style Your Mules

Flat mules are a casual and practical shoe choice, unique in their slip-on, closed-toe design. Thanks to their simplicity, when pairing outfits with our mules there are a variety of looks to choose from. In this blog post we will go into detail about the different styles you can put together.

Androgynous Look

RoHo - Styling Colorful Suede Mules

Flat mules can be rocked in a variety of styles. One of our favorites is creating a gender-fluid look. Solid colored mules pair nicely with straight or wide cut pants; try going with light-wash denim or linen. Casual and light button-ups, t-shirts, and crew necks prevent the outfit from becoming cluttered or chaotic, drawing the attention to the mules. To top it off, add a blazer or oversized coat to layer up.

Contrasting Styles

Bold colored mules can be great statement pieces to articles of clothing you wouldn’t expect. A great outfit is one that stands out from top to bottom. A perfect example of this is pairing flat mules with dainty and feminine clothing. Having stark contrast between light lace and sheer fabric and the bright color of our suede mules gives a pop of color and fun.

Try pairing solid colored mules with a white lace-accented dress. Adding belts, beaded jewelry and simple sweaters can add some dimension. 

RoHo - Styling Women's Slide Shoes

As we have said before in our cowhide totes and cross bodies blog post, there is no limit to your creativity, and feel free to experiment with different styles, colors, textures, and dimensions. Here at RoHo we value originality and uniqueness, and all our products represent those values (especially our handmade mules). We hope this post inspires you to put together an outfit that you’re proud of, and maybe try out new styles you never thought of before. Get creative!